If you spent last summer building a backyard deck, you want to get the most of it. Whether you have a front porch, courtyard, backyard patio, or deck, you can still make use of these places when the weather is cooler. Here are some tips and tricks to warm up your outdoor living spaces.

Use an Outdoor Heater

To enjoy your deck, even in chilly weather, purchase a heater designed for outdoor use. You’ll find electric heaters that plug into an outlet and propane-powered heaters that don’t require electricity. These heaters provide warmth to your porch or patio. As with any heat source, keep your heater away from curtains, fabrics, and other flammable objects and turn it off when you leave the space.

Another alternative is to build a fire pit if your outdoor space is big enough for flames. Keep the fire pit at least 15 feet from your home, fabrics, flammable materials, and other structures. For safety, there should be no ceiling overhead and no tree branches above the fire.

Add Fabrics to Warm Up Your Outdoor Living Spaces

If you have patio furniture, include pillows and throw blankets to help the space feel cozy. Fabrics add warmth and comfort to the area. When the weather is cooler, choose fabrics like wool and velvet. Another great way to use textiles is by adding an outdoor rug. These rugs are designed for outdoor spaces and are often resistant to damage by UV rays. Rugs add a layer of insulation underfoot. When used on a deck, a rug will help block cooler air from flowing up from beneath the decking boards.

Build a Windscreen

Windchill makes the air feel cooler than the actual temperature. If your outdoor living spaces are breezy, build a windscreen to provide shelter. You might install fabric screens on one side of the porch, construct a wall on the deck, or plant a row of hedges to help block the wind. A windscreen adds privacy and protects you from the wind so you can enjoy your outdoor spaces.

Warm Up Your Outdoor Living Space With Curtains

Surrounding your porch or deck with curtains helps block the wind and keep warm air contained in the space. Flowy gauze curtains look great in the warmer months, but when the temperature drops, switch your summer curtains for heavier weight fabrics like velvet or canvas. Curtains add personality to outdoor spaces and make these areas more comfortable for spending time in cooler weather.

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