If you want to improve your home, updating the basement may be a good project for you. Basement renovations can be expensive, but they pay off in the long run by adding more usable square footage and increasing property value.

A basement renovation is a great way to make an older home feel much improved. You might add custom built-in cabinets to organize a workspace or divide the area into separate rooms. With almost infinite options available, there is sure to be a project that appeals to everyone’s taste and budget.

Open Up the Space

Open floor plans make the space feel larger and brighter. Add warmth and flexibility to your basement by creating conversation areas that break up the huge area without having to add walls. Rugs are a quick and easy way to designate spaces and add color to a room. You can purchase stylish indoor/outdoor rugs made from water-resistant materials that are great for use in a basement.

Updating Your Basement with Color

Brighten your basement with light paint colors on the walls and ceiling. This creates an illusion of more space and height. Bold colors in furniture and decorations make the area more cheerful and inviting. Another approach to add color and interest, while eliminating the basement feel, is by including colorful pieces of art illuminated by track lighting.

Install Flooring that is Functional and Attractive

Because of the dampness, hardwood flooring isn’t recommended in a basement setting. Laminate options can expand if they become damp from flooding. However, there are a number of flooring alternatives that can be used in basements. Rugs, tile, and painted or stained cement are common choices that offer unlimited options for designs and colors. If you install tile, consider adding radiant floor heating beneath it as an easy way to warm the space.

Upgrading Your Basement with a Wine Cellar

Building a private wine cellar in your basement is easier than you think. Create an attractive area for your wine collection by taking advantage of the basement’s climate. Wine connoisseurs can enjoy a cellar just down the stairs. By designing a place to store and serve wine, you’ll have your favorite bottle on hand at all times and a variety of wines to serve to guests.

Build a Library or Basement Office

If you love to read and want easy access to your books, a library is a great basement upgrade for you. With a built-in floor-to-ceiling library, you can enjoy your favorite novels in a relaxing space. Add a writing desk, comfortable chair, and lamp to create an office area within your library.

Add a Family Room When Updating the Basement

If you have children, convert the basement space into a family area. Organize your board games, video game consoles, and entertainment systems. Purchase a comfy couch, chairs, and a coffee table. Build a space that encourages people to come together to enjoy each other’s company.

Add to your family room by including a drink station. This is as simple as adding a tall table and a few barstools, a mini-fridge, a water cooler or water purifier, and a shelf for drink glasses.

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