Homeowners often take on DIY projects as part of upkeep and maintenance. You can tackle repairs or minor remodeling if you have the right equipment. Here are basic tools every homeowner should have around the house.


A toolbox provides a place to keep frequently used tools close at hand. Carry your equipment from room to room and keep everything well organized. You won’t have to waste time looking for the correct tool when they are all stored in the same place.

Tools Every Homeowner Should Have: Cordless Drill

A drill is one of the most fundamental tools every homeowner should have, especially DIY enthusiasts. Choose a drill with a comfortable grip and variable speeds. A cordless drill is versatile and allows you to work in any area without a power source. With different attachments, your drill can be used as a buffer, a sanding tool, or a power screwdriver.

Purchase a Quality Tape Measure

Taking precise measurements is necessary to customize projects when doing home improvements. You’ll need a tape measure to make sure a new appliance or piece of furniture will fit. This tool will come in handy when buying a new couch or building a bookcase. Choose a quality tape measure that is a minimum of 25 feet for basic tasks around the house.

Headlamps are Useful Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

You may have to tackle projects in cramped, hard-to-reach, and dark spaces. When working in the basement, attic, or under the deck, you’ll need good lighting. Depending on the job, it’s likely you’ll want both hands to complete the task. A headlamp is a perfect tool for this job. Modern LED headlamps are lightweight, produce minimal heat, and can be aimed in any direction. A headlamp also comes in handy during power outages.


A hammer is necessary for installing and removing nails. You’ll need one for hanging art and building furniture. There are several types of hammers, but for basic work around your home, a standard claw hammer should suffice.

Ladder or Step Stool

A ladder is helpful for reaching the gutters, painting the ceiling, and cleaning second-story windows. A step stool is useful when you need to change out lightbulbs, trim your hedges, or clean the top of the refrigerator.


You’ll want to have both flathead and Philips screwdrivers in your toolbox. These tools help attach cabinet handles, assemble furniture, and pry open paint cans. You’ll find they have many uses in the home. Purchase a set of various sizes to be able to fasten an assortment of screws.

Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

If you enjoy working on home improvements and repairs, keep a few tools handy. You’ll be able to quickly and easily find what you’re looking for if you store them all together in the same location. Purchase basic tools to get started and add to your toolbox as you’re able.

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