As spring comes around, you may be planning a weekend to knock out your spring cleaning checklist. People often remember to clean the floors, windows, and surfaces, but there are plenty of other places around the house that go forgotten. Here are 8 areas to include in your spring cleaning.

Clean the Entryway

During winter, your front porch was probably neglected because no one was spending time on it. Now that warmer weather is on the way, add the front porch or entryway to your spring cleaning checklist. The porch may have built up clutter since no one was using it, so throw away trash and put useful things in their proper place. Get outdoor furniture cushions out of storage to add color to your porch. Sweep the floor and add an outdoor rug. Wipe your front door to remove dirt and smudges.

Dryer Vent

Your dryer vent gets clogged with lint just like the filter that you clean out every time you do laundry. The vent takes a bit more work to clean and should be done approximately once every 6 months. Unplug the dryer and disconnect the duct. Remove lint from the vent that leads to the outdoors by vacuuming it with an attachment. Go outside of the house and vacuum the vent from the exterior as well. This task helps your dryer operate more efficiently and reduces the risk of fire.

Ceiling Fans

Dust collects on the blades of ceiling fans, which then circulates through the home. Include dusting ceiling fans in your spring cleaning checklist. Use a pillowcase to envelop the whole blade and then pull it off. The dust will land inside the fabric instead of falling on the floor. Wipe down the light globe and the fan motor while you are at it.

Air Vent Covers

The covers on the air vents for the heating and cooling system accumulate dust and lint, especially the return vents. Sometimes simply dusting them off doesn’t get them clean. Remove them from the floor, wall, or ceiling and place them in a tub filled with warm water and dish soap. Let them soak for 15 or 20 minutes to loosen up the grime and then scrub them off and wipe them dry. Reattach them to the vents.

HVAC Filter

Your HVAC filter should be changed periodically year-round, so this task is an important addition to your spring cleaning checklist. Read your manual to learn how often your HVAC filters should be changed.

Hood Vent Filter

There is a filter in your range hood vent that builds up smoke particles and greasy residue from cooking over time. If it becomes clogged, it cannot effectively vent pollutants outdoors. Most hood vent filters can be simply cleaned by scrubbing them in hot water and dish soap. Let it soak and then rinse it with clean water.


Baseboards are often forgotten during spring cleaning because they are not at eye-level. First, vacuum them, and then scrub them with a sponge to get rid of stubborn stains. You’ll be surprised at how bright, clean baseboards make a difference.

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