Water damage can cause structural problems, mold growth, and encourage pest infestation. As a homeowner, you may know how to make some simple repairs like fixing a leaky faucet, however, many plumbing issues are best left to the professionals. Take care of your home by recognizing these signs of a plumbing problem and calling a plumber for assistance.

Sewer Odors are Signs of a Plumbing Problem

If you notice unpleasant smells coming from the toilet, drain, or sink, you have a plumbing problem that needs immediate repair.

The reasons for plumbing odors may include a vent pipe malfunctioning, buildup of material in the drain, or a blockage in the vent. Basic cleaning methods won’t remove the odor; you need to contact a professional plumber to handle the problem without damaging the plumbing system.

Stained Walls and Ceilings

If you notice dark stains on your walls or ceilings, these could indicate a plumbing leak. Water may cause yellow or brown staining and it’s possible there’s a roofing problem, but sometimes stains are from plumbing leaks behind the walls. Diagnose the source of the leak and repair it before it causes structural damage or mold growth.

Signs of a Plumbing Problem Include Slow Drains

If your sink is slow to drain, it could be a minor clog in that drainage pipe. If you are unable to clear the clog or if you have several slow drains, contact a professional to assess the problem. This could be a sign of a major plumbing issue.

Sometimes slow drains are caused by objects stuck in the pipe, tree roots that have grown into the sewer line, sediment buildup in the pipes, or a septic tank that is too full. If you notice more than one slow drain, call a professional to perform an inspection.

Discolored Water

A change in the color of tap water isn’t always a sign of problems, but it could mean that the pipes are corroding and producing orange or brown water. To determine the cause of the discoloration, call a plumbing professional. It may be necessary to replace rusting or deteriorating pipes.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure may also be a plumbing problem caused by a leak in the main water supply line or sediment that has accumulated inside the plumbing pipes. Whatever the reason for low water pressure, without repair, it may get worse. Hire a professional to discover the cause of the drop in pressure and make repairs.

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