If you live with pets and want to bring nature into your home, avoid introducing toxic houseplants. There are plenty of options for pet-friendly houseplants at local garden shops and home improvement stores. Here are a few of the most common pet-friendly plants for your home.

Houseplants add greenery, infuse color, and help reduce stress. These won’t harm your cat or dog if they chew them.

Common Houseplants That are Pet-Friendly

African Violet

If you prefer a plant that blooms, the African violet is one of the best options for households with pets. Its purple flowers will add a burst of color to your home when it blooms. An African violet will thrive in moderate temperatures with average humidity. They can survive in corners of your home with low light. Use a balanced fertilizer to add the nutrients they need to prosper.

Pet-Friendly Houseplants: Spider Plant

The spider plant is a favorite among beginners looking to introduce plants into their homes. They are easy to care for, and most homeowners can successfully grow a spider plant. Fortunately, it’s also pet-friendly and will flourish in areas with a wide range of moisture, humidity, light, and soil conditions.

Venus Fly Trap

Consider the Venus flytrap if you’re in the market for out-of-the-ordinary houseplants. These plants are not only pet-friendly but also help control flying insects by trapping them if they land on them. Keep it in a brightly lit area and water it with distilled water for the best results.

Boston Ferns

With its feather-like fronds, the Boston fern is attractive and lush. It enjoys shaded areas, damp soil, and high humidity. A bathroom with a window is an excellent place for a Boston fern. A cat might enjoy playing with the fronds, but it’s non-toxic and won’t harm your animals.

Orchids are Colorful and Pet-Friendly Houseplants

Orchids are known for their striking blooms and ease of maintenance, making them a great addition to any indoor space. These popular pet-friendly houseplants also come in various shapes and colors.


A bromeliad is a pet-safe option to add bold color to your living space. These unique plants have pronounced blooms and are available in different colors. Bromeliads are also low maintenance, making them an excellent starter plant for beginners.

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