An organized garage is ideal so that you can find things when you need them. Yet many of us use the garage as a kind of catch-all area for items we don’t want in our living spaces. Instead of having a cluttered mess with no system for storage, use these tips to organize your garage and create a usable, functional space.

Small Steps to Organize Your Garage

Sorting and organizing is a big project. Instead of trying to tackle the entire garage at once, choose a smaller area to get started. You will find that cleaning that one space will motivate you to take on another area.

Designate Piles

Any well-organized space needs to be decluttered first. There are likely items that you no longer use or need in the garage. Either donate things, sell them, or throw them away. Make four piles in your yard or driveway and designate them as things to keep, donate, sell, or trash.

It is best to sort through items quickly so that you’re not making your decisions on emotions. After sorting things into piles, take out the trash. Put items to be donated in a box in the car. Then, plan a yard sale so you don’t backtrack and decide to hold on to items you don’t actually use.

Clean the Cleared Space

After you have decluttered the area, clean the empty space. Dust the ceiling and walls, sweep the floors, and look for things like wasp nests and signs of termites or rodents. If the walls need a coat of paint, now is a great time to tackle that task. A freshly cleaned area will inspire you to better organize the space.

Choose Categories to Organize Your Garage

After you have decided what you are keeping, divide those items into categories. You may have groupings for holiday decor, gardening tools, craft supplies, sports equipment, and children’s toys. When you better understand what is going to be stored in the garage, you can decide how much space is needed for each category.

Finding Storage

To create storage in the garage, start by using what you have, like cabinets, bins, and bookshelves, to make the best use of the room. If you still need storage solutions, shop for items you can use to keep your stuff organized. Make use of vertical space with things like bike racks and high shelving. Pegboard organizers are a great option for tool storage.

Keep a Maintenance Schedule

Just as you might use a chore chart to keep the inside of your home clean, plan on having cleaning days for the garage. Spend some time monthly to make sure it doesn’t return to its previously messy state. Re-organizing your garage twice a year as part of fall and spring cleaning projects will go a long way to keeping the space maintained.

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