Owning a home is a big commitment. Take care of your investment by preparing for colder weather. Let’s look at ways to maintain your property and get your home ready for winter.

Prepare the Plumbing to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

One of the most important things you can do is winterize your pipes. If the temperature drops below freezing, water inside the plumbing will expand, causing pipes to burst. Depending on how cold it gets, it could take days for the pipes to unfreeze, leaving you with no running water. When the burst pipes begin to thaw, you’ll then have to deal with flooding and plumbing repairs. To prevent this from happening, insulate plumbing pipes that are exposed. Wrap the pipes in heat tape and cover them in insulation foam. The heat tape plugs into an electrical outlet and provides warmth. The foam helps maintain a safe temperature.

Another way to protect plumbing is to drain outdoor water sources, like garden hoses and sprinkler systems. Empty water from your garden hose and store it indoors during the winter. Turn off the water to outdoor faucets and then open the taps to drain them.

Be Prepared for a Power Outage

Sometimes the power goes out because of winter storms. While cell phones and smartphones are useful in these situations, they eventually need to be charged. A two-way radio powered by batteries or solar power can help you stay in touch with others who are nearby. It’s a good idea to have power banks on hand to charge phones. Purchase devices that can be charged using solar energy or that have long battery life.

A generator provides temporary power to keep important appliances operating. If bad weather is predicted, make sure you have fuel for your generator. In case of a power outage, keep flashlights and extra batteries on hand. You’ll be ready if the lights go off and flashlights will help children feel more secure in the situation.

Another way to be prepared for a power outage is to keep non-perishable foods like granola bars, beef jerky, and water on hand. You’ll have snacks for your family to enjoy until the electricity is restored.

To Get Your Home Prepared for Winter, be Ready for Ice

As exciting as snow and ice can be, it’s still a hazard. Shovel the snow if it has accumulated on your walkway or driveway. If you decide to shovel manually, prevent injury by pushing the snow instead of trying to lift it. Keep ice-melt on hand to help clear walkways and steps. Ice on pavement can be difficult to see. and every year injuries occur from slipping.

Being Ready for Cold Weather

These winter safety tips will help you face approaching winter weather. Get your home ready by insulating the plumbing and being prepared for snow and ice.

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