Making your home tidy and functional can feel like a challenge. You might feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Making a plan and choosing methods that work for you will help you declutter your home more effectively.

Starting to Declutter Your Home

To get started, choose an area of the home that needs improvement. It’s good to start small and work up to larger projects. Begin with a bathroom cabinet, your toolbox, or a single drawer in the kitchen. As you move through minor projects, you’ll feel more motivated to tackle larger ones.

Sort Your Belongings

When decluttering an area, a sorting system makes the work easier. Clean out the space, using boxes to collect your belongings and keep a trash can nearby. One box is for items you want to keep. Use another box to hold things you are getting rid of. A third box will contain items that belong elsewhere in the house. As you sort, immediately throw trash in the garbage can.

Clean Out the Closets

The closet is a space that is easy to overlook (or avoid) because you can keep the door closed. Neat and functional closets are essential for storage in a home. Set aside plenty of time to declutter your closet. Remove everything from the space and sort the items. Gather things that will be donated in a box. If you haven’t worn or used an item in a year, add it to the donation box.

If you’re sorting clothing, remove out-of-season pieces. To save space, it’s a better idea to store these elsewhere. If you don’t have an attic, basement, or garage, use a large plastic tote to keep seasonal clothing in the top of your closet or under your bed.

Declutter on a Schedule

Create a schedule for your decluttering projects to help you manage the work. Check your calendar for free time and set aside 15 minutes or several hours to clean and organize your home. You’re more likely to focus on the project and make progress when you designate time.

Change Your Habits to Declutter Your Home

Modify your behavior and encourage family members to do the same. Make an effort to return a book to the bookshelf after reading it. Fold laundry and hang your clothing to keep it from accumulating on the floor. Find a place to store your belongings and put things back when you finish using them. These small steps will keep your home better organized and clutter-free.

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