When it comes to high-value features that can raise your home’s sale price, hardwood floors are near the top of the list. However, these floors need special treatment to last and look great for years. Here are some things that every homeowner needs to know to care for hardwood floors properly.

Remove Debris Every Day

If sweeping is not already part of your daily routine, start sweeping with a soft-bristled broom or dusting with a microfiber cloth every day. Even if you have rugs throughout high-traffic areas, daily sweeping will help reduce the likelihood of dust or dirt settling in the wood grain or cracks between boards. Also, vacuum every few days.

Clean Up Spills Immediately to Care for Hardwood Floors

Moisture can damage hardwood floors, so you should always clean up drips, excess moisture, and spills immediately with a clean cloth. The wood might swell and warp if you let moisture sit on the surface. Never use steam mops on hardwood flooring. Take your shoes off at the door and encourage your family and guests to do the same. If you need to mop the floor, use a slightly damp microfiber mop.

Care for Hardwood Floors with a Wood Cleaner

Using wood-safe cleaner is essential, as multi-surface cleaners are not always suitable for wood. Once a month, use a safe solution to clean up your wood flooring and allow it plenty of time to dry. If you wash your hardwood floors too often, they can become damaged from moisture.

Protect the Floor Every Day

As you care for hardwood floors at your house, also consider your daily behaviors. For example, are you coming into the house with shoes on? Tiny pieces of gravel could be stuck in your shoe treads and scratch up your hardwood flooring. Solutions like a non-slip rug or mat near the door will help prevent this. Think about how you and your family use spaces with hardwood flooring and adapt your behaviors as much as possible.

Know the Signs of Problems with Your Hardwood Floors

When you care for hardwood floors, you also get an opportunity to see if there is damage or wear and tear. As you sweep and mop, keep an eye out for signs of boards that are gapping, splitting, cracking, or cupping. All of these indicate potential humidity or moisture problems.

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